Pachacamac Park

International design competition, Lima – Peru, 2019 (con Pasquale Miano, Adriana Bernieri, Priscilla Cruz Nuñez, Gisela Bartoloni, Gabriella de Luzio, Vincenzo Valentino, Maria Assunta Barra Parisi, Mariarosaria Scarpati)

The Pachacamac Park is a cushion between the Archeological Park Sanctuary and the self-built residential city. The proposal transforms the act of the archeological soil excavation into the generative act of the park construction. The main concept of the design proposal is to construct a public park starting from the modeling of the ground through the accumulation of soil. This ground is made of the soil excavated from the Sanctuary’s archeological campaigns programmed for the next years. The design transforms the Sanctuary “protection barrier” into a permeable public space made of soil, vegetation and collected water: a new ecosystem. The design vision proposes, for the future of the Sanctuary and the city, an open air Center: a symbiosis of Culture and Nature. Culture represented by the archeological heritage from the past and Nature (soil, atmosphere collected water and vegetation) as the lush of growth (soil and vegetation) for the future. This bond between the past, present and future is envisioned in these actions: TO DIG the Archeology, TO DUMP the Soil, TO DWELL the Landscape.