Gardens of cinema

Allariz X international gardens festival, Allariz – Spain, 2018-2019 (built)

The proposed garden establishes an analogy with the creative action of movie making. It has sequences, narrative and actors.
The Sequence in the garden is made of the three single thematic scenes (the desert, the forest, the prairie).
The narrative is the path, which is both linear and tortuous and holds together the sequence.
And the actors are the visitors, improvising life in the garden.
The design’s goal is to construct experience and emotional response through exploration and surprise. The visitors’ mind and body move along the garden’s scenes in a full immersive involvement.
Each scene, the desert, the forest and the prairie are specific places and landscape habitats of our planet.
Each space character is presented with its special feature. The desert is horizontal with dry gravel soil and cactaceae family plants; the forest space is vertical constraint and dense with climbing vegetation as Ipomeas on iron tutorial structures; the last space of the three there is a green hilly field for playful exploration and children games with wild flowers and high grass.