Temporary installation in Saint-Sever, Rouen

Design competition and creation of a temporary installation in Saint-Sever (Rouen) during La Foret Monumentale, Rouen, France, 2019
in collaborazione con Gisela Bartoloni

The installation is located in the Place Saint Sever as a reinterpretation of the Forest in the historic city center of Rouen.
It is presented as a scene where light and shadows play with the presence and diversity of planes of the vertical components. The “Built Nature” reinterprets the presence of Man in the Forest. As well as the presence of Man in the city, perceiving the context in a different way. Filtering, enhancing, framing the space in which the Wooden Forest is inserted. At the same time the perception is changing with the movement of the viewer/stroller, inviting to rediscover and rethink the relationship between ourselves and how we live and behave in public space, today.
Rhythm, fragmentation and recomposition of the space are presented as a resource to enhance the dynamic experience of the visitors.